In this episode, we discuss the string section of Echo & the Bunnymen. When Shane finally remembers Will Sergeant's name, we explore Will’s early life and musical tastes that may or may not include: Yes, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin and Velvet Underground. We struggle to keep sight of our subject who evades us with subtle texture and nuance. In frustration, we throw a Mother's of Invention record down the stairs and Shane shares memories of remaining seated during a Rolling Stones concert. Shane then compares his career and school trajectory to Will's and finds many commonalities. He shares a little wisdom regarding life in the "C stream" and lists, about 25 of the 40 jobs he had before becoming a "professional musician". We then go on to contemplate space travel with Les Pattinson and Shane does a deep dive analysis of his harmonic pallet. The episode closes with Courtney admitting her true feelings about The Doors and lamenting Ian McCulloch's thwarted art career.