Join us for this groundbreaking episode as we recount the adventures of the legendary Roger Eagle, and reveal for the first time in history the shocking (and possibly) true story of how he managed to singlehandedly thwart the criminal underworld of Liverpool and secure a lease on a dirty cellar that would one day be called Eric's Club, thus changing musical history. We explore his unique and visionary musical journey, from his humble beginnings as a young DJ in Oxford, to his invention of "Northern Soul" in the all-nighters of Manchester. This episode is broad in scope, meandering, and larger than life; not unlike the disposition and musical tastes of Roger Eagle himself. In this episode we discuss Ray Charles at length, along with John Lee Hooker, Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Stranglers, The Runaways, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Captain Beefheart, and Can. Honorable mention: The Sex Pistols, Crass, and Rush.