This episode nearly did us in. The terrain was so broad and the roads were worn and well-trodden. For weeks, we made wrong way turns down dead end alleys and ran off the rails a couple of times before we arrived at the delightful adventure we now present to you.  We thank our lucky stars that we found a map in the form of an article by Will Sergeant (guitarist for Echo & the Bunnymen), which appeared in Q Magazine in 2013. Using this article as our guide we navigate the prog-rock beginnings of punk. We also discuss Captain Beefheart's hard feelings about the scene.  We explore some misconceptions about punk and revel in the unearthed treasure that is the band Death (Detroit). We make our way to Andy Warhol's Factory where many of Ian McCulloch's heroes hung about. We then cross back over the Atlantic to meet up with some rough and tumble kids forming bands in the suburbs of London. Last but not least, Courtney reveals her OTHER favorite band.  Its an episode for the ages!

Accompanying playlist: