We are finally back with another thrilling episode! This one celebrates the 60th birthday of Ian McCulloch. First, we check in to see where Les and Will are in the timeline of the tale we are spinning.  Then, we dive headlong into a one-hour rhapsodic discussion about birthday boy Ian McCulloch. We begin our sprawling, circuitous discussion with Mac's physical attributes and Shane makes a revelatory observation about Ian's appearance that he is eager to share. We then go on to make sweeping claims about British culture in the post-colonial era and the music industry throughout its existence. We establish a psychological framework that we can apply to the Bunnymen and discover the true nature of the human soul. Courtney then gives a detailed accounting of Ian's initiation into adulthood as he embarks on the universal pilgrimage toward obtaining oneness with the source. We eventially catch a bus back to Liverpool where Les and Will are hearing a new type of music and are about to discover a new kind of club. This episode is as wonderous as it is strange and even Courtney has trouble avoiding the subject of Pink Floyd. Join us!