Our hosts have been suffering from allergy-related illness throughout the month, so, to keep our momentum going, we have unearthed a conversation from our vault of early recordings to share with our faithful listeners. We begin the podcast with breaking news regarding the current state of Mac/Bono relations before we plunge into an exploration of the Liverpool music scene, circa 1987. Using an old episode of BBC - Channel 4's music show, The Tube, as our guide, we examine several contemporaries of Echo & the Bunnymen, in order to locate the band within the context of the broader Liverpool scene. We unearth hidden treasures and interesting specimens as we sample a slew of 5 second clips from various artists, whom we discuss at great length. Lots of hot takes in this one! While this episode is not explicitly about Echo & the Bunnymen, it is nonetheless one of Courtney's favorites and she is happy to release it while she waits for her sinuses to drain and her voice to return to normal.