In tonight's episode, we pay tribute to Bunnymen historian, Chris Adams’ essential biography of the Bunnymen, TURQUOISE DAYS. We focus in on his nuanced exploration of foundational Liverpool bands, some of which never existed. We begin by discussing the infamous super-band, THE CRUCIAL THREE (Wylie, Cope, McCulloch, Spence). We give an overview of their humble beginnings, their last minute decision to rename the band, their would-be discography, their instrumentation and influences. We are then transported through time and space to one of their four rehearsals as we attempt to approximate and perform, for the first time in Bunnymen history, a rendition of an original song by THE CRUCIAL THREE based on Chris Adams’ detailed accounts. During the discussion Shane manages to mention METALLICA on four different occasions pondering their unique song writing process and subsequently mourning the loss of their original bassist, Cliff Burton. Courtney then recounts the surprising tale of Acid guru turned rock god, Geoff Lovestone. She attempts to describe the band's instrumentation, influences, visual elements and personnel, but Shane senses that things are not really what they seem and has to grapple with the very fabric of reality  before he and Courtney attempt to channel Geoff’s (Les’s?) musical ideas and perform a rendition of one of his nonexistent hits. We leave the liquid lightshow of The Lovestones and arrive amongst the smoke and steel of Will Sergeant's first band INDUSTRIAL DOMESTIC, a three piece outfit that included Paul Simpson (WILD SWANS) and a little analog drum machine with a fascinating (to Courtney) past. As we begin to discuss this project, Shane is reminded of Rocky Erikson and his recent passing. Courtney and Shane marvel at Will Sergeant's dedication and consistent aesthetic but they leave the factory yard with more questions than answers. Other bands, both real and imagined emerge. Pete Burns (DEAD OR ALIVE), whom Courtney finds both fascinating and familiar, is introduced to the melee and joins THE MYSTERY GIRLS (along with Cope and Wylie). A prankster band, NOVA MOB, is formed and Shane shares a story of innocent youthful fun gone awry. We finish our episode by discussing A SHALLOW MADNESS, the band that absorbed and expelled surrounding particles and set the wheels of fate in motion.

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