After nearly a year of podcasting, we finally reach the momentous occasion when the members of Echo & the Bunnymen first meet one another in the bathroom at Eric's Club. The episode begins with a brief yet meandering recap of our exploration of the burgeoning late-70s Liverpool music scene, where Ian McCulloch finds himself set adrift. After being sacked from A Shallow Madness and almost losing sight of his rock and roll dreams, the hands of fate lead him into "the ladies room" where he meets Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson, a crucial step towards their shared destiny. We zero in on this encounter, examining and postulating about every detail of their initial impressions. Later, we shift gears and get into a deep analysis of Ian McCulloch's rhythm guitar strumming style and Shane sings the opening lines of “Karn Evil 9” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer for the second time on our podcast. This is an episode where things happen and the narrative advances, so climb aboard our ship’s tender frame as we sail upstream to gladder shores.