Join Shane and Courtney for the one year anniversary episode! The conversation gets meta as we reflect on our experiences making the first 15 episodes, and how our understandings have evolved--of the band, of the Liverpool scene, of just what it is we are doing here. We prepared interview questions for one another, such as "Who is your favorite Bunnyman?", "Who is your favorite non-Bunnyman?", "What has it been like to meet other Bunnyfans as a result of the podcast?"

The first half of this episode is a current discussion of where we are now. In the second half, we flash back to late summer 2018, sharing from the vault a previously unreleased recording of one of our first conversations about how we came to know the band's music and our hopes and dreams for this podcast.

All in all, its a casual hang session, some pause before we dive back into the rigor of our historical and analytical work, excavating the myths and music of EATB.