For the first time in the history of this podcast, we answer some listener questions, some of which were a long time coming. We begin this episode by addressing some corrections and grappling with our lack of knowledge regarding British name pronunciations. We then answer a listener question about Echo and the Bunnymen's mysterious B-side track, "Broke My Neck". Courtney attempts to decipher the meaning of the staccato, half-sentences that comprise the lyrics, and she promises to revisit this song again in a future episode. Finally, we give a long awaited answer to a very thoughtful question regarding drones, bagpipes, and their possible influence on Echo and the Bunnymen's music, particularly the guitar playing of Will Sergeant. Eager to discover the source of the Bunnymen sound, we begin by defining what exactly a drone is, providing some homespun examples. We also discuss the harmonic secrets of Echo and the Bunnymen's songs, dissonance, the devil's fifth, people's true feelings about bagpipes and, of course, The Velvet Underground. It seemed that the episode would end in a flurry of vague correlations and baseless postulations until Shane has a revelation that turns the conversation upside down. Don't miss this one.

Understatement Man, this one's for you.